Lesson #5: Key #2: The Life Journey of Aspirational Giving

Aspire's Learn the Lesson

Estimated Completion Time: 1 hour

Lesson Format:

  • 3 videos (lengths of 9:30, 8:00, 7:00)
  • 3 video transcripts
  • Donor exercise
  • Self-quiz

Lesson Suggestions:

  1. Download and print the worksheet before viewing the video
  2. Complete the worksheet and take notes while viewing the video
  3. Read the transcript to reinforce the video content and find topics of interest such as links to research, referenced books, or websites.
  4. Complete the worksheet and then take the self-quiz
  5. Register HERE for COMPLIMENTARY group coaching ("Lunch & Learn").

Annotated Bibliography & References:

L5A Accumulation - Life Journey Prezi Transcript.pdf
L5B Opportunity - Life Journey Prezi Transcript.pdf
L5C Distribution - Life Journey Prezi Transcript.pdf

Please Click Here to complete the student exercise online (note: you can get a completed copy for yourself).

L5 Life Journey Exercise.pdf