"Everyone needs a coach. It doesn't matter whether you're a basketball player, a tennis player, a gymnast or a bridge player." - Bill Gates, Philanthropist

Donor Coaching

Leverages the Power of Donor Strengths

Tailored to the Donor - Knowledge is Power!

Recognizes and Appreciates the Individual & Group

Proven Process to Unleash Individual & Group Potential

Donors Thrive With More Meaningful & Impactful Giving

Frequently Asked Questions

I have never heard of Donor Coaching. What is it?

Donor coaching unleashes the potential of individuals (and groups) to do more to benefit their families, nonprofits, their communities, and meaningful causes; as well as gain more meaning and impact from their generosity.

What is the difference between an "advisor" and a "coach"?

There is a big difference! To use a sports analogy, should "football coaches" be called "football advisors"?

No! They are called football "coaches" for a good reason - they focus on "coaching up" the individual players to be the best they can be so the team wins.

The key difference is that "advisor" gives opinions ("advice") to an individual on a specific topic (financial, accounting, law, etc.). Hence, the main focus is the advice, not the individual.

A coach, in contrast, recognizes, appreciates, values, and improves the strengths of the individual donor (or group). The donor coach teaches and guides the donor to recognize, appreciate, and leverage their own unique resources to improve the lives of others or make an impact.

The coach empowers the individual donor to be the best donor they can be for both their families and their important causes!

Why is donor coaching so important?

Despite heroic philanthropic efforts, we have not solved many of our societal challenges (health, housing, income. disparity, etc.). Donor coaching supplements traditional philanthropy with a paradigm shift in approach and practice. By supplementing the grassroots education of donors with tailored coaching, donors are empowered to make a greater impact with their generosity.

What are the benefits of donor coaching?

The benefits of donor and group coaching include:

  • Improved effectiveness with alignment of passion, strengths, and purpose
  • Gained "know-how" of tools and techniques (knowledge is power)
  • Tailored guidance for the donor or group to supplement courses
  • Proven process to unlock individual & group potential
  • Leverages the embedded power of differences & strengths

Do donor coaches provide investment, tax, or legal advice?

No, donor coaches do not provide any investment, tax, insurance, or legal advice. While they are highly experienced professionals with credentialed expertise, our donor coaches leverage their experience, expertise, and strong interpersonal skills to effectively teach, guide, and resource donors and groups.